Daily Life

Life is full of it. It’s crazy how each individual decision leads to another and, in a blink of an eye, change your whole life.

This past week was a hell of a roller coaster ride. A lot things happened and, well, I don’t really see it ending in a good way. So, here’s a breakdown of what happened…

A friend of mine back in high school contacted me, asking if I was interested in an online part-time job. Me, being the happy-go-lucky kind of guy that I am, said “sure “.

I mean, I have nothing better to do in the morning right? 
So, why not?

So, we met up and he took to me to the place where I’m going to have my supposed interview. It wasn’t an interview. Well, it kinda is, but it’s more of a presentation. He took me to it, and I just went along with it. They presented their products.

At that time, I was pretty interested in starting/learning 
about business

And so, I was actually really interested. In the end, they gave us the opportunity of partnering with them in selling the products. They called it a “business center“.

There were at least 3 of us newbies there that were 
potential recruits

To oversimplify things, It was really all just about having the people under you sell the products. But they did say they’d help and teach us how to contact the right people and how to sell the products. Personally, I was pretty stoked about it.

Seriously, at that time, I really was thinking about growing my 
money. I wanted to invest in something so badly

I paused for a minute to think.

I don't exactly have anything better to do in the morning right? 
And besides, my money won't grow with it just sitting around. 
So, why not?
I'm pretty sure you know where this is all going, but still, 
hold your horses. I'm the one telling the story :-P

So, to continue, the downpayment is….

*drum roll*


Yeah. 24-freakin-K!
I guess that's more than enough to deter you from the 
proposition right? Right?!

Well, you'd be surprised...

So, I told them I don’t have 24k, but I do have 20.

Let's pause right there and just. Sigh. *SMH* tsk3. oh Ben. *SMH*

They said it’s “okay, we’ll just enter the grace period“.

Thought that was only in the bible, hahaha

No. Not funny. Just. No. Not right now.

You just have to start at 20 and, as we teach you how to do business, you’ll eventually be able to get your 24 or even more

Well, that's good news, right? That means I'm still in it. 
I can still do this!

So, I told them I don’t have the money with me now, but I can get it. They accompanied me, well my friend did, and we went home to get it. When I got home, I realized that I actually only have about 10k. I forgot that the other 10 was still in a cheque form! I haven’t encashed it yet. O_O

In all honesty, it's not even 10, it's somewhere around 9.

So, I went back and told them I don’t have the other half yet. They said it was okay, took the 10, and had me fill up a form. The half and the remaining 4 will just be to-follow. So, I was pretty happy with that. Sort of nervous because I only have 9 and I don’t know where to get it, but,

Meh, I’ll figure it out. 

I went to my office and as the night progressed, I was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable…

At last, the following morning came and we have to meet up in the afternoon.

Remember how I initially thought it was a job interview? 
Yeah, well, I told my parents about the opportunity and they were 
pressing me to spill what happened about it.

So, I told them the story and they. Were. Shocked.  :O

I know. I would've been to.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, since I was pretty uncomfortable 
about my decision, I decided to google it. 
Many posts online states it was a scam. (Fudge) :|

You could imagine my face as I read the comments and reviews. 
I mean, I sorta knew it was a pyramid scheme already since, well, 
they explained it. But, I don't know, I guess I was really sweet 
talked into it. During the presentation, it all looked so real and

I guess that's what sweet talk is, huh?

Anyways, back to my parents, they strongly adviced me to get my money back. They asked me why I gave in so easily, and I told them the thoughts that were lingering in my head at that time. They discouraged me to join because the whole thing is a scam, saying it’s difficult to get back what you initially invested lost. As I was hearing their testimonies and advice, I swear I just wanted to die.

I always knew I was pretty gullible. I mean, I'm pretty easily 
amazed and convinced. Whatever life throws at me, I just accept or
ride along with it. But, still. Darn it.

Sooo, there, my mom accompanied me to the company. She talked to my friend and asked if I could get my money back

She did it in a professional and gentle way, mind you :-P

And if not, what’s the at least the most minimal amount to pay.

I hated the turn of things. Not because I really wanted to join, 
but because I hate hassles in life. Things aren't going smoothly 
and it irritates me. I know the blessings that accompanies 
obedience, I've seen it personally in the life of my sister, so 
I'm pretty solid in following my parent's advice.

So, my friend met up with the higher-up and we decided to meet later to discuss it. My mom told me that the decision was still mine to make.

I'm super stressed inside. I know what I have to do, but, I'm 
still pretty indecisive about it.

So, we met again, and my friend told me that I can’t get my money back since it was already processed.

Great, just, great. Okay, so what exactly are my options here?

He told me that the minimum amount is 16.5k. 

Well that's just super. I still lack 6.5
I already decided that 10 was the max amount I'll pay, so this was
a bit of a game changer.

He told me that I could still get the benefits discussed before if I just added 6.5 more. No longer 14, just 6.5.

That's not all bad right? I mean, just a little 6.5 more 
We're all back to square one.
It's just 6.5 and I could still get those benefits. That's a great

This time, I consulted my parents. I texted them, but they’re not replying.

What the hell?? C'mon, please pick up, I need you on this one

It took them too long. I gave in. I, once again, didn’t have the money with me so my friend had to accompany me to the bank. On the way down, my parents called.

Great, now you call.  My gosh, this is so complicated

I talked to them, told them all about it. They, once again, discouraged me to go for it.

Okaaay, this is sooo stressful. We're already on our way to the 
bank, how do I stop this??

I thought for a while and eventually came to the decision that I’ll just pay the 10 for now, attend the training, and if I like it, I’d go all the way.

It seemed pretty reasonable and like the right choice since I 
can't really get my money back now can I?

So I told him about it.

It got even more complicated. Sigh.

The problem with that is, the cutoff was that night. So, if I don’t pay the 6.5, I won’t get the benefits.

My gulay! Can any of this just please go smoothly??? 
I mean, seriously?!

“So, here’s the deal, you pay 6.5 now, attend the training, and if you don’t like it, I’ll personally sell your products and give you back the 6.5”

Hmmm, that's not bad at all. I get to back out if I don't want in,
and if I do, I get to reap the benefits!

“Okay, deal

Are you sure? Because I keep my word

“Yeah. Deal

Really Ben?! Just. SERIOUSLY??

What?? It sounded like a pretty fair offer.

So, off we go to the bank, when we got there, the bank was already closed. I can’t encash my cheque.

Okaaay, so what do we do now?

He called the higher-up and we went back to discuss how to deal with things. Eventually, we come into the agreement that we’ll just pay it tomorrow since the bank was open tomorrow. We ended our meeting and I went to the office. Again, I was deeply stressed all throughout the night. I texted my parents about it, and they said don’t.

“See? They’re trying to squeeze every last centavo out of you. God is the one who blesses you. Wherever you are, as long as God is with you, He will bless you. Don’t be greedy son.”


I guess that's what got me into all that mess. I wanted more. Why?
Why exactly did I want to join? Was it really to get the training?
Was it really to learn the business? Why the hell did I get myself
tangled up with them?

Right then, I just wanted time to stop. I hated that feeling. 
I hated dealing with hassles. Everything is just so wrong. 
I hated everything about it.

I knew that I have to obey my parents. I know of the blessings 
that transpires when children obey their parents. 
I knew that very well.

So, I texted my friend, “I won’t pay the 6.5 anymore. 10 is the farthest I’ll go. It’s okay I don’t care if there’s no benefits or if it’s all products by now.”

Honestly, I just wanted to get out. I don't even want to go to the
training anymore. I just wanted the whole load off my chest. I was
tired. Exhausted. I didn’t want to deal with all these hassles 
anymore. I just wanted to be free.

My friend told me to stay put and that we’ll meet with the higher-up to discuss it the next morning.

Seriously?? Is this STILL not over??

I didn’t show up. I stayed pretty long in the office the night before and when I got home, I just overslept.

I don't want to deal with any of this anymore. Just let me out.

Woke up late in the afternoon, apparently, he texted me all throughout the day. I apologized for not making it, and he told me I could get the products by next week. Also, that they’d teach me about retail.

Should I still go up for the retail?
Right about now, I don't even care about the 10 I spent anymore. 
I don't care if I don't profit from it. I figured, I'd just give
it away to people who actually needs it. I honestly just want to 
be out. Keep the 10, just let me out of this.

Do I regret it? Sure, I guess. I mean, could get back the 10 I 
lost, by working, but, I think it's a small price to pay if I 
could just rid them off my back. I honestly don't want to be 
part of it anymore. It's too much work, too much hassle. I don't
care if I wasted my 10. Sure, it's a waste, but that's the 
consequence of my impulsiveness and stupidity. I'm really hoping
it's the only consequence I get out of this. Because, honestly,
I'm just so tired of it. Give me 10, keep the 10, give me the 
products, don't give me the products, I don't care. 

Just please, let me off the hook. 
It's suffocating.

I have to meet him next week. He told me he’d also bring me to a convention next week Saturday. I told him “okay”. Honestly, just, give me the products and leave me alone already. I want out. I want out.



Life is full of choices. Each choice you make can make a big impact in your life. There are many things you could get into fairly quickly, but you can’t get out of just as easily. Learn to question everything. Don’t accept things for what it is, so you won’t live life oblivious, ignorant, and gullible. Don’t believe everything given to you. Sure, they may be a respectable company, honestly, I don’t even care. I just want out. My parents said no, and well, I’ll say no too.

Would you let your parents make the decision for you? 
Until when will you live under the shadow of your parents?

As long as they live, I’ll respect and honor their advice. They’ve been in this world far longer than me; they know more than I do. Who am I to ignore the counsel of the experienced? Whenever you make a decision, especially big ones like this, involve your parents. I swear to you, obedience brings blessings.

I don’t know what will happen next week, I’m pretty nervous about it. I know they may be good people, but the way I feel, it’s as though I’m a sheep walking in a den of wolves. That’s how I feel personally, I don’t speak for everyone who walks in there. Hey, maybe it really is a good business opportunity, but it’s just not for me.

    How would you know if you won't try?

Don’t worry, I’d know. I know where I’m good at and where I’m not. It’s just not for me. Maybe I’m still too young to start so early.

    But what about your friend? He's as young as you.

Yeah, well, that’s his thing. Maybe he’s more mature. Good for him. Just let me grow more. Let me come to fruition first.

You see, we all have our whole lives ahead of us. So, learn from my mistakes and don’t make hasty and rash decisions.


Always remember,
haste makes waste.


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