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So you have an idea what sort of mind games was used on me that fateful day.

Looking back, I can just swear they applied every single trick there is.
So, let’s break it down…

( if you haven’t read my “Decisions”, please do so, so that you’d understand what this is all about 🙂 )


Obligation to give when you receive

Since my friend personally “invited” me and gave me an “opportunity” to be part of the whole shebang, I am, sorta, obliged to say yes to their proposal. That’s how I see it at least.


People want more of those things there are less of

The people there keeps saying that the cutoff was that night and if I don’t get in on it on time, I’d lose all those oh-so-convincing benefits. That I have to make the decision quickly because they have someone to meet later and, if I join them first, the person they’re going to meet will be under me and I get to avail of his points and sales. Time is of the essence, so to speak. The early bird gets the worm.


People will follow credible knowledgeable experts

They say that the founder of the company was no mere businessman. They said that he was a scientist who wasn’t in it for the money,  but to truly to help people with their health and nutrition.


Looking for, and asking for commitments that can be made

They proposed a plan for us. For the first few weeks, we’d try to sell about $100 worth of the product. Then, eventually, it’d escalate to $150, $200. Then, maybe by the end of 2 months, $500. They even told us they’d return the money if we don’t make at least a hundred bucks in one week.


important factors:
– People who are similar to us
– People who pay us compliments
– People who cooperate with us

They kept telling us that they were just like us before. They also had a hard time with the decision and that it wasn’t an easy to decision to make. Regardless, they took the risk and whambam! They’re where they are now. They also told us not to worry because they can see that we are really interested and that they’d personally help us regarding matters of the business. They’d teach and train us on the ways of the force system.


People will look to the actions of others to determine their own

They showed us examples of famous celebrities, both local and foreign. That they’re not endorsers, but mere users. They also explained to us that some even have big time businesses and yet they still became part of the company. Why would they do that if it wouldn’t have benefited them?


So, that basically sums up what sort of tricks and science they used on us to convince us to agree with them. Was it dirty for them to do so? Not really, the choice was still up to us. It’s not like they held us at gunpoint or something. Hey, maybe you’d at least learn a thing or two from this.

Maybe there’s someone you want to convince? Or maybe someone’s trying to convince you? Regardless, carefully weigh your options and always, always, think hard before making huge decisions.


Never, and I mean, NEVER, make a big decision when you’re emotionally high.
Trust me.


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