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Okay, so this is a follow up post on the “Decisions” incident in my life. So, last time I talked about the whole back and forth that went on between me and my friend. This time, I’m going to share about what I decided to do and it’s outcome.

I had to meet my friend, again, to claim my products. Since we can’t really do anything about the lost 10 anymore, we figured we’d at least get the products we might find helpful. So, I texted my friend. Again, he said the cutoff was last Saturday and, sadly, already converted my cash into a bunch of products.

Great. Just how many times do you even cutoff in a month??

Anyways, moving on, (*sidenote: I just had a dejavu writing this. Surreal.) told my parents about it. They were pissed once again. Why? Because they figured my friend was just trying to scam me. Right now, I don’t care. I’ll just deal with this and get it over with. Finally, I met up with him.

He gave me 7 products and taught me the individual prices and what they were good for.

You know what's weird? Every time I converse with them, I feel
a bit at ease. I don't know, it's like there's something about
it that makes it all seem comfortable and secure. It's weird.
But, after each session, I feel anxious and doubtful. It's
hella taxing on my part because I've started to realize that
more often than not, I base my decisions on emotions and not
as much as logic. I do think deeply about things sometimes, but
when rushed, I give in to my emotions. Which isn't always trust-

For some reason, he accidentally gave me the wrong price list. Meaning, it was the price list for the discounted items, not the price list for how much I’m supposed to sell them. Long story short, he told me he’d just give it to me via Facebook.

Which, as of the writing of this post, he hasn't PMed to me.

He still encouraged me to join the training expo that Saturday and that, hopefully someday, we’d get into stocks together. With that, I bid him adieu.


So, what happens next?

Well, here I am stuck with the 7 products, 2 of which I use for myself.

I don't feel any different after taking the products at all

I would be highly appreciative if you’d buy it from me, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Finally, at long last, I am through with this. Yes, I still haven’t earned my 10 back

I doubt I ever will

But, at least, I’m done with this whole whatchamacallit. Huzzah!

Do you honestly feel victorious about what happened? -_-

Well, no, but I’ve learned my fair share.

I believe it's more than fair if you ask me

Could it have been avoided? Oh yes. But, as I said before, I’m an idiot for falling for it. Anyways, I’ve learned my lesson and I hope you do too from my experience.

There’s a saying,

It’s better learn from the mistakes of others than from your own.

I don’t know who said that. Maybe it’s not even a saying, maybe I’m the first to quote that, regardless, learn from mistakes. May it be from others or your own, ALWAYS learn from them. So you don’t have to deal with the hassles of repeating them.

It’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others because you don’t have to suffer the consequences. But, I think learning from your own mistakes will leave a bigger impact in your life and, inevitably, change you. A learning you’ll carry with you, even to your grave. But of course, please, as much as possible, learn from others.

Mistakes can be avoided.
Prevention is always better than cure 😉


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