Daily Life

Today was supposed to be a stress-free day. It’s our team building outing, first one I’ve joined, and we’re supposed to enjoy the heck out of the weekends. Sadly, things took a turn for the worse.

After the official office hours, I went home to ready my things for the team building. I prepared my clothes and gear and headed back to the office.

For the past days, I've been meaning to check the air pressure
of my car's tires

I stopped by a gas station to have it checked or maybe even filled. As I inputted the psi and placed the cable to the tire, naturally, it starts to deflate the tire just before it starts pumping air. The only thing is that it doesn’t pump air. I’ve been holding it for about a good couple of minutes, until, finally, one of the attendants told me that it’s busted.

Great. My wheels' air problem just got worse. 
Okay, no biggie, let's just find another gas station.
That should solve it right?

So, I went from station to station, and to my irritation, none of them have fixed air stations.

Wtf? Are you kidding me??

Exasperated, I decided to just go straight to the office. I got there and things are pretty chill. People were still a bit lively, although you could see the tiredness in their eyes. So, I browsed the net for a while and remembered that my friend was still working her shift at the office. So, I decided to give her a quick chat and eventually told her about our plans for the team building.

During our conversation, our boss’ boss’ assistant (?)

I don't really know what her position is, but she answers to him

noticed me and wondered why I was still here. Then, out of impulse, my friend blurted out “He has an outing”.

Okay, now you might think that's an unexpected reaction from me,
but here's the thing: 
our team building was supposed to be discrete. 
I know, I shouldn't have told her, but the discreteness was so
that our boss's boss won't join us.

Okaaay, why wouldn't you want your boss's boss to join you??

Well, firstly, he sorta have this *creepy* kind of crush on one
of our workmates. Yeah. Secondly, he's pretty awkward about it. 
The kind where you practically cringe at the situation as 
crickets chirp in the background. 
So yeah, that's why we didn't want him to come along. 
Remember, it was supposed to be a stress-free day.

So, right now, I’m just hoping and praying to God that that little incident wouldn’t ruin our day. Despite my friend’s recklessness, she insisted on me treating her to breakfast and so, we did. Started the car and drove off. As we were eating breakfast, my boss texted me.


My boss’ boss’ assistant found out about the outing and, naturally, she’s bound to tell my boss’ boss. So, I do what’s pretty logical at the point. I panic.

Darn it, I can't do this. 
I simply cannot handle the guilt of ruining everyone's day.

My mind practically went to hyperdrive mode as I started to picture different scenarios of me taking responsibility of my mistakes.

Darn it, I can't take all this stress. 
I can't carry such a burden. 
Everyone will hate me. 
I hate this. 
This wasn't suppose to happen. 
Everything was supposed to go smoothly. 
Darn it all, 
why did you even have to open your freakin' mouth? 

I’m going insane.

Mind you, I'm still in the car with my friend as I was 
thinking these things.

I wasn’t making any disappointed or irritated facial expressions, but I believe my silence was more than enough to convey how I’m really feeling. Of course, my friend tries to comfort me by telling me that it’s going to be alright and all that crap.

Yeah, try telling that to everyone when all of this goes south.

I’m frustrated. This wasn’t part of the plan, but it happened nonetheless. I hate it. I decided to just go back to the office as quickly as possible and get all of this over with. The wait is killing me.

My friend apologized for the nuisance she’s caused and, quite frankly, I don’t care right now.

There's nothing you can do to change it. 
It's done. 
Just go already. 
Leave me alone and allow me to cool off before 
talking to me again. 
Because, really, I'm more than pissed about these turn of events.

I got back in the office and my boss was nowhere to be found.

I'm seriously gonna get it now. 
I just placed him in an unnecessary awkward situation. 
Darn it. I'm so sorry. 
Time is running out, and the tension is killing me.

Finally, my boss called and he said he’s resolved it.

Are you sure? 
Are you absolutely sure?? 
How? What did you say?? 
I'm so so sorry!

I somewhat calmed down after that, but the day isn’t over yet. I’m still pretty nervous about things. I just honestly hope things will just, please, run smoothly.



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