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Okay, did you know that my mom’s been constantly asking me lately whether or not I’m courting or crushing on someone right now? Yeah, she’s been at it for the past days, maybe even weeks. Obviously, I answer “No, I don’t have anyone right now mom, don’t worry.” Well, that’s not entirely true really.

All right, so there’s this girl I’ve been heavily crushing on lately.

She wasn’t my crush at first, I mean, yeah I found her attractive, but I guess I didn’t really know her well enough to actually start forming feelings for her.

So, now, you know her well enough then?

Well… Not exactly. Actually, I could barely talk to her. I don’t know. I mean, she’s nice and all. She’s witty, she’s smart, she’s funny. I love how random her responses are and how they always catch me by surprise. I love how cute and sexy she looks when she tries to act like a bh.


You know what I mean, like, when someone jokingly acts all high and mighty and whatnot


I don’t know. I like sassy and spunky girls. It’s a turn on for me.


Don’t judge me.

Anyways, what else? I love the sound of her voice. I love how cool she is and her hobbies. I love how chill she looks, but at the same time, enigmatic. I love the mystery that is her. I truly do admire her.

I want to get to know her more, I want to be part of her world, to be part of her life. I want to share her interest, her ideas, her hobbies, her likes and dislikes.

She may not show it much, but I know there’s something else there. Maybe a hint of gloom? Despite that, I want to be there for her. I want her to know that I’ll always be here to lend a helping hand, a listening ear, a crying shoulder, an empathetic heart. That whatever trials or struggles she’s going through, that she could always count on me to be there for her. I may not know every right word to say to her in those times, but I can promise her that I’ll be there for her when she needs me. I want her to know that she doesn’t need to carry the burden alone.

I want her to know that I love her.
And here’s to hoping that she loves me back as well.


2 thoughts on “Her

    1. It’s still valid, but if I pursue her, I’d feel as though I didn’t mean what I said in my recent posts.

      I meant what I said here, but I also meant what I said then.

      Honestly, it just confuses me because my heart is scattered all over the place. 😦


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