What I Wish I Knew About Love At 20 Years Old


Theodore Inquisitor:

It’s in the female perspective, but you get my point.

“I would have known that if the question is ever between me and another girl, that she should take it, because you should never be one of two options.”

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

I wish I knew that when he doesn’t call you for one, two, six days in a row, it’s not because he’s playing hard to get – it’s because he’s not interested. I wish I knew that sometimes people just don’t want you, and slowly chipping away at them in an effort to get them to see you for how great you really are only irritates them, and makes you look like a fool. I wish I knew that forcing a formal rejection is not as satisfying as you think it will be – sometimes you really should just let things fade into silence, because it’s much less embarrassing for all parties involved.

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