All right, after moving the previous posts to my other blog, I realized how smothered I felt before and how suffocating it is to constantly worry about my public image. So, I figured, I shouldn’t give two cents about it and just be totally & brutally honest here since that’s basically why I made a blog in the first place―to freely express my innermost thoughts and emotions.

So, some disclaimer for those who know me outside of here:

  • This blog is now a no holds barred declaration of what I think and feel.
    So, most likely, I may be harsher and ruder here than how I 
    am in real life
  • You’re about to see a whole different side of me. Be warned.
  • Just because I wrote it here, doesn’t mean that I’m always like or thinking like that.
    Sometimes, things are just written out of the spur of the moment.
  • I am not perfect and, here, I won’t pretend to be.


I’ll probably add more disclaimers as more ideas come to mind, but for now, this should be enough to give you a hint of what to expect.


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