So, remember that time when I told you that my heart was beating funny. Yeah, well, I had it checked up and.. I have Mitral Valve Prolapse. Doctor said it wasn’t anything serious nor life-threatening so, I’m fine. Just avoid stimulants like caffeine or too much sugar. Whew. Praise God for that.

Daily Life

I think I have a heart problem. No, not the emotional kind, but like the real kind. The physical kind. I don’t know, my heart feels heavy and weird lately. It’s like something’s weighing down on my chest. I should get this checked up. I checked the beating of my heart and I could barely feel it. This is scary :/

Daily Life

Immersion Day 1: Heart


The thought of each and every person having their own personal life story and significance in the grander scheme of things is, in itself, mind-blowing. It’s almost beyond comprehension to imagine how everyone is connected and has their own purpose in life. More often than not, there’s just so many people around us that it’s hard to see that the world doesn’t just revolve around, well, us. That each and everyone has a soul of their own, and that they have their own dreams, aspirations, history, background—their own personal life story. Trying to grasp that in all its grandness and majesty is truly awe inspiring. The world, and the people living in it, is just simply awesome.