You Are Loved


You are loved.

With an everlasting love.

With unfailing kindness.

You are loved.



Daily Life

Okay, so today I gave my last letter to my ex-almost.

In retrospect, it’s hella awkward. But, I needed to get it all out of my chest. I apologized for all the things I’ve done that contributed to the deterioration of the relationship, and I expressed my desire to start all over again as friends.

I know it may sound rehashed and repetitive, but I swear that’s the last time.

Well, regardless of what happens from here on out, I’m pretty confident that I’ll face tomorrow contented and with a smile on my face. I’m feeling really pretty good about all of this. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I could breathe again.

Thus, the name of the video and this post 😉

Take A Bow


This song is just so hauntingly beautiful.

Take a bow ’cause you played your heart out
And take your time with working the rest out

Try and stay out of your head
I have seen you invent the damnedest things there

Oh, so what?
Maybe she could not really ever see you through herself

Don’t lean back, my friend
There’s not much there that will push you on

Try and stay out of your head
I have seen you invent the damnedest things there

Cat & Mouse


I didn’t write this, but I think it explains perfectly what the song is about. Or at least, how I feel right now.

This song is about falling in love with the person you can never be with. A love with consequence: a cat can never be with a mouse because no matter how they love each other, the cat will end up hurting the mouse. In the song, the man eventually ends up hurting the woman, and feels sorry for it. And he asks is he supposed to be happy when all he ever wanted came with a price. The price is the woman’s life or her own happiness.

– spawn0125 (Mar 31, 2009 at 12:00 am)